From Family Company to Global Player

    Based in Leverkusen-Pattscheid, the Illbruck family has been conducting business since 1952. Willi and Christiane Illbruck established Illbruck GmbH more than 50 years ago, which at that time was considered to be a pioneer in innovative system solutions for the construction industry. Over time, Illbruck GmbH has developed into an international group of companies active in the areas of cars, construction and office products. The group has more than 3,000 employees all over the world and has already achieved revenue of some €500 million.


    Selling the Group of Companies and Successfully Establishing Illi & Compagnie Holding

    Christiane and Willi Illbruck

    After the parents retired, parts of the group were sold off in 2005. The business that remained within the family was split between the two siblings and has since been independently managed. Sabina Illbruck established ILLI & Compagnie in 2006 in order to manage the Illbruck companies allocated to her and carry on the family tradition in Leverkusen-Pattscheid. Today, ILLI & Compagnie is the parent company overseeing its own companies, including poresta systems, as well as investments in companies with innovative products and potential for significant growth and increased value such as LeaseForce AG and Lingemann GmbH.

    Today, the ILLI & Compagnie companies and subsidiaries have over 500 employees.